Waikiki Community Center Senior ProgramThe Waikiki Community Center (WCC) provides crucial multigenerational services to better the lives of all Waikiki residents. From keiki to kupuna, WCC provides unparalleled support for anyone who needs it.

For 40 years, WCC has served as a resource hub for the community. We are committed to strengthening the entire community by providing programs and services to individuals and families in-need. One of the biggest challenges facing community members in need is knowing where to get the help that will move them forward. WCC strives to make the available resources easy to access.

WCC is a “one stop shop” for human services, social support, lifelong education, and wellness for Waikiki’s families, keiki, and seniors. Through our various programs and services, we effectively help over 20,000 individuals receive the help they need to be healthy, safe, and prosperous.

ommunity Center Preschool
Waikiki Community Center Preschool

The Waikiki Community Center both supports the community and is supported by the community. WCC is able to continue its work thanks to your generous support. Without your continued help, the wonderful programs that exist would not be possible. Please consider making a donation to help us continue our crucial work.