On any given day there may be nearly 90,000 visitors and residents on the streets of Waikiki. Safe, well-maintained streets, sidewalks, street lights and courteous drivers are important to our pedestrian safety and enjoyment. Thirty percent of our population are kupuna and walking is a key component to health, social connections, and for day-to-day activities.

We lead the nation in the incresae in pedestrian deaths from 2017 to 2018, according to a report by the Governors Highway Safety Association.

WCC and its partners held a Waikiki Safe Walk event were teams assessed 1-2 block areas, looking at sideswalks, street crossings, signals, and vehicle activity. The group of more than 50 volunteers then came up with findings and recommendations.  Through a grant from AARP, we continue to push forward several of the group's recommendations, holding a public education rally and working with other community groups and the city to improve sidewalk safety.

PedesAwareness Waikiki Safe Walk 9.30.20
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