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ALICE [Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed] are individuals and families who work, sometime in multiple jobs yet still struggle to get by each month. ALICE represents a growing number of those whose incomes are too high to qualify for government assistance yet live paycheck to paycheck and struggle to remain financially stable. Due to our state's high cost of living, Hawai`i has an especially high number of ALICE households, nearly half of all residents according to a study done by Aloha United Way several years ago.

Waikiki Community Center is committed to assisting our state's ALICE population, who do not receive other supports and are often one emergency away from crisis. WCC is part of the Aloha United Way and Hawai`i Community Foundation ALICE Initiative with other nonprofit organizations to help enable our residents to support themselves and their families.

We have several initiatives to support ALICE including the BUILD Emergency Savings Program and Thrive by 5 Affordable Preschool Initiative.

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