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Community Initiatives

Waikiki Safe Walk

Pedestrian Safety

Hawaii leads the nation in the increase of pedestrian deaths, with an 1800% rise in pedestrian fatalities from 2017 to 2018. WCC and its partners are working with businesses, government agencies and community members to reverse this trend.

Sen M, Merle, HPD Waikiki Safe Walk 9.30

Waikiki Safe `Ohana

Disaster Preparedness

The 2018 false missile alert was a wakeup call.  Community members expressed concern about improving disaster preparedness, particularly for some of our most vulnerable residents.


Seinor Wellness Faire


WCC's annual fair brings a wealth of resources to seniors, focusing on whole-person wellness.


Making a Difference in the Community


Non Profit Partners

Waikiki Community Center partners with six other nonprofits on our campus so the community has access to a wide array of programs and services.

Feeding the Hungry

Thousands are fed through our emergency food pantry annually.

Waikiki Community Center is a Hawaii Food Bank site.


Community Education

More than 13,000 participants annually come for education, cultural and wellness activities/information.


A Gathering Place

Over 95,000 people a year gather for community events such as community projects, condo association and Waikiki neighborhood board meetings.