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BUILD: Asset Building & Resource Access Program

WCC's BUILD program helps to increase financial stability for working seniors and families through matched savings, financial education, and holistic support.

**Open to all Oahu Residents**

Matched Savings Account

Matched Savings - The BUILD program helps you build emergency savings by matching funds you put into a savings account. A special account is opened at Bank of Hawaii where WCC will match your deposits 1:1 up to a maximum of $1,000 per client or individual over a 10- to 12-month period.

Financial Education

Free Financial Education: To help understand and build financial stability clients agree to participate in a variety of financial education sessions such as budgeting, accessing loans, and building credit/repair.

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Holistic Support

Holistic Support – The BUILD program will support you with regular check-ins and aims to assist you through challenges that arise to help you avoid drawing from your savings. WCC works with clients to address needs and devise strategies to increase income and/or decrease expenses through accessing public and private resources.

ALICE  Income Guidelines

1 Person Household
Monthly Income $6,096
Annual Income $73,400

2 Person Household
Monthly Income $6,967
Annual Income $83,850

3 Person Household
Monthly Income $7,838
Annual Income $94,350

4 Person Household
Monthly Income $8,708
Annual Income $104,800

5 Person Household
Monthly Income $9,408
Annual Income $113,200

6 Person Household
Monthly Income $10,104
Annual Income $121,600


·    Working full-time consistently for at least three months and have regular earned income

·    Full time resident on Oahu Island 

·    Asset/Net Worth limits may apply

·    Agree to participate in free financial education

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To apply:

Complete an application and submit via email to the BUILD Program Manager (contact below).


Contact: Pamela Seelig, BUILD Program Manager

808.923.1802, ext. 107


BUILD targets ALICE [Asset Limited Income Contrained Employed], working individuals and families who are employed, even with multiple jobs, yet live paycheck-to-paycheck, struggling to make ends meet. ALICE earns income above the federal poverty level and therefore often does not qualify for many government assistance programs. 

A 2020 Aloha United Way (AUW) study found that 42% of Hawaii's households were at ALICE income levels and below. For more information about ALICE in Hawaii, go to

WCC's BUILD program is funded in part through the Aloha United Way (AUW) and Hawaii Community Foundation (HCF) who have partnered to administer the 2022-24 ALICE initative.

BUILD Details

We’re excited to work with you in saving for your future! We need a few additional pieces of information to verify your eligibility. Detailed requirements are listed below. Please call or email if you need assistance. Thank you for your interest.

BUILD Requirements

Match Details

  • BUILD will match your monthly savings for up to one year or up to $1,000, whichever comes first

  • You may deposit more than the $1,000 within the year, but BUILD will only match up to $1,000

  • You must save for a minimum of six (6) months

  • You must be a full time resident on OAHU island

  • Match saving funds from BUILD will not be available until the end of the one-year program or until the $1,000 match has been met.

  • After the year is completed, you may close the account or retain an account at Bank of Hawaii

Next Steps:
Opening a Bank Account

Once your application is reviewed and you qualify for the BUILD Program, a bank account will need to be opened at either the Ala Moana or Kahala Bank of Hawaii locations. Since this is a special account (with no fees), the applicant needs to open the account with the BUILD Program Manager.

Check in / Financial Education

Once your account is established, there will be a check in every 4 to 6 weeks either in person, by phone or via video conference to:

1. See how you are doing with your savings goals.

2. Discuss challenges we might be able to assist with such as housing, SNAP benefits, job placement, etc.

BUILD Program is funded in part by the Aloha United Way ALICE Initiative.

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