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Featured Workshop : Vision Mapping

What is “Vision Mapping”?


It is a fun and empowering experience bringing people together to talk about how and what they want for the future. It is also a way to clarify how you want to see the possibilities you desire in the future.


Brain research and science has shown that when you refine your goals (vision), and create pictures, feelings, and associations, you can increase the potential for what you “see and feel” to happen.


A vision map is a collage of images, phrases that resonate with you. The images can be a representation of what you want, goals you want to achieve, or of things you’d like to have or be, or a visual of how you want to feel or the type of person you want to be or about lifestyle.




Vision Mapping will be held on both dates, February 8 and February 15.

  • Bring a positive attitude;

  • Bring snacks, water and your lunch;

  • Bring colored pens, colored paper, photos and pictures of your favorite places and things (some supplies will be provided by WCC);

  • Collect magazines, as many as you can gather. Type of magazine does not matter;

  • Collect your favorite and action words and phrases. Personally, I like positive statements like: “Find Your Paradise”, “YES”, “Dare to Dream”, “You Got This”


Begin to visualize what you like to see in your life in the next 12 months or beyond. Before the session, ask yourself:

  • What do I want to happen in the next year (or beyond)?

  • What will it look like?

  • How does it make me feel?

  • Are there any sounds or color?

  • When I have it, how will it make me feel?


Write it down, draw a picture, and bring it to the gathering. Start feeling it!

Frequently asked questions:


Do I have to participate in both sessions?

Two sessions are available to give you time to discuss your goal, discuss and brainstorm ideas and finish your board. You do not need to attend both sessions.


Two session participation has the potential for a year-long support group to help with actualizing your goals. Helpful but not necessary.


How important is the visualizing BEFORE session?

The clearer your goal or vision increases the likelihood of achievement.


How likely is it that I will achieve my vision and goals?

While there are no guarantees, being open to the possibility, and a positive mental attitude allows for the new ways of thinking.


What is the facilitator’s experience of vision mapping?

I have been working with vision mapping for many years. I have manifested homes, conditions of birthing my children, health, and travel.

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