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Senior Employment Program

Employment Assistance for Individuals Age 50+

For Job Seekers

Do you want to re-enter the workforce or change careers?
Do you want extra income or something meaningful to do?

WCC Provides Free Employment Assistance.

CONTACT US: 808.923-1802, ext. 108, jokimura@waikikicommunitycenter.org

Our Services Include:

skills assessment
resume development
job interview preparation
skill building
employment placement

For Employers

We connect your company with screened, qualified, experienced workers in a wide range of services, matched to your specific needs.


CONTACT US: 808.923-1802, ext.108, jokimura@waikikicommunitycenter.org


Dediated - Older workers are not
looking to climb the
corporate ladder and
generally stay at their
jobs longer.

Experienced - Older workers bring years of diverse experience and
problem-solving skills.  They are also ready to learn new skills!

Responsible - Older workers bring a
strong work ethic. They are punctual and reliable.  They are willing to fill
both part-time & full-time positions.