The 2018 false missile alert was a wakeup call.  Community members expressed concern about improving disaster preparedness, particularly for some of our most vulnerable residents. What would happen to our more than 30% Waikiki senior residents, many of whom are low-income, live alone and have mobility issues in case of a real disaster?  

WCC helped start a Wakiki `SAFE OHANA coalition, which is building a network to link seniors with emergency management information, holds disaster preparedness trainings, and distributed 350 emergency kits. SAFE `OHANA is also working on other issues of concern such as pedestrian safety, as Hawaii unfortunately has one of the highest pedestrian fatality rates per capital in the nation.

Waikiki SAFE `OHANA includes a wide range of private and public partners such as Age Friendly Honolulu, City & County RSVP Program, Hawaiiana Management, Hawaii Meals on Wheels, Institute for Human Services, Kapiolani Community College Service and Sustainability Learning Program and AARP, Kanu Hawaii, University of Hawaii Manoa Service & Civic Engagement, Housing and Urban Development, among others.