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Senior Services

Waikiki Community Center enhances the quality of life for our kupuna through a comprehensive range of senior services. We empower seniors to live active, meaningful lives where they both contribute to the community and receive support. Our programs and services address the whole person – body, mind, and heart. We support kupuna with critical needs such as housing, food insecurity and financial challenges and also facilitate seniors maintaining active lifestyles and being positive contributors to our community.

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Promote Wellness

Research has shown our physical, cognitive and social/emotional are all connected and addressing holistic wellness is therefore critical for seniors to increase and maintain health. We offer hundreds of workshops, classes and activities to address the whole person, from tai chi, hula and yoga to disaster preparedness and brain health information to volunteer opportunities.

Helping Seniors in Need

We help seniors who are vulnerable, isolated and/or frail. They often have a variety of urgent challenges that cannot be addressed by one program, service or even agency. ​WCC fills this gap by…

Coordinating Services

We help seniors overcome BARRIERS to resources. ACCESS - Often seniors cannot access existing services due to unawareness, complex qualification requirements and/or application processes. MANAGING MULTIPLE SERVICES - Most seniors in need have multiple challenges that require many different services/programs. Each resource has its own set of requirements and processes, which can be overwhelming. WCC helps seniors to navigate and manage all the services they need to stabilize and thrive.


We work with a wide array of individuals and institutions to help some of our most vulnerable seniors stabilize and move forward, including many at risk for becoming homeless. At times there is no service to meet need in the time frame required. We do whatever it takes - putting together creative, individualized solutions with other nonprofits, government agencies, businesses, individual volunteers, landlords, and others who are willing to work with us in support of our kupuna.

Need Assistance? If are a senior or know a senior in need of assistance, contact us though the contact form below or call us at 808-923-1802.

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