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Waikiki Lights 2024

Paint the Town

A benefit for the Waikiki Community Center

Thursday, Aug 22, 5:00 PM

How We Help

The first five years set the foundation for lifelong learning. Waikiki Community Center Preschool provides quality, whole-child experiences to put our youngest learners on a path to success. Our unique service learning program, Keiki Building Community, enriches our research-based classroom curriculum by connecting it to real community issues and shows keiki they can make a difference at any age.. 

What We do
Touching Lives

Through our diverse programs, from educational workshops to wellness initiatives, we empower individuals to achieve their goals and improve their well-being.

Fostering Community

By offering a space where everyone can come together, we strengthen the bonds within our community and cultivate a spirit of unity and cooperation.

Building Futures

Our programs are designed to nurture young minds through engaging, hands-on learning experiences that encourage curiosity and development.

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