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Saturday, May 11th is our next plant sale!

Be sure to join us for our awesome plant vendors, fresh flowers, crafts, and food vendors, Veggidogs, Guaiqueri Empanadas, and Christy's Cookie Treats!

It's the DAY BEFORE MOTHER'S DAY so be sure to get something great for mom!

Our Kupuna Gardeners

Plant Sale IG post.png

In July 2021, as the pandemic continued to plague us and activities were limited, we decided to start a garden club.


The idea was to create an activity where our members could move outside in the fresh air, plant herbs and flowers, and safely socialize each week. Of course, it wasn't as simple as it sounded, and it was much more work than we expected! We needed raised garden planters, tons of soil for the garden beds, and of course, plants. 

We reached out to the community to get some help, and we continue to be overwhelmed by the amount of support we've received. 

The Eagle Scouts in Troup 1 built all of our raised garden boxes (12 in total) and really helped give us the jump start we needed!

The Master Gardeners at UH have been helpful in sourcing plants and helping us with soil pick up and distribution. Moving the soil from Waimanalo to Waikiki and filling the containers with dirt was a colossal effort we could not have accomplished without their help. Barbara Maresca, Shannon Fagan, Kalani Matsuura, and Jeff Pang have been essential in making this garden happen, and we can't thank them enough!

We have just started our little gardens and are well on our way to seeing what we can grow and harvest! It brings us a lot of joy to see others in our community enjoying it as well. Thank you to everyone who supported us in some way! We love our time outside with our plants and our friends. It helps to keep us happy and healthy in mind, body, and spirit.



Following along with us and watch us grow!


Dawn and Naoko tend to their plants after a long weekend.


Our garden beagle stops for a drink of water. Those black pockets will be filled with plants soon to create a "living wall".


Dawn inspects our okra for any pests.


A visitor to our gardens donates starter cherry tomatoes.


Taste testing our home grown red hibiscus (Sorelle) flowers for tea!


Naoko carefully plants tiny cilantro seeds for her garden bed.


Richard hard at work cutting wire to make our tomato cages.


Naoko will be adding these radishes to her lunch salad.


Irene harvests a small crop of Ong Choy (water spinach).


Seletha is anxious for her okra blossom to fruit!


Art preps his garden box for new seedlings.


We're so proud of all of our cotton! Grown right here in Waikiki !

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